Celtic Treasures Jewellery
Gemwaith Nia Jewellery
Shabby Chicks
Josie Russell Textile Artist
Gwaelod Pottery
Oksana Thomas Jewellery
Jaspersparkle Silver Spoon Rings
Rhian Goodhand Glass
Siramik Pottery
Beacons Creative
Welsh Craft Arts
Bee Dazzled
A Patch of Wales
Goetre Farm Preserves
Prestige Pens and Wooden Bowls
Stone Tones
Tracey Baker Ceramics
Christopher Wyn Brown Enamelwork
Meinir Wyn Ceramics
Beelief Botanics
Rhiannon Art Ltd
Llanmead Crafts
Hatton Willow
The Durham Cottage Company
Card-ie! Tracey
Hazel B Handweaver
Elegance Natural Skin Care

Artisans Wales

We are an organisation for promoting the makers of quality goods in Wales and their work.
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Latest News

A Happy New Year

JANUARY 8TH 2016 Happy New Year, Blwyddyn Newydd Dda! The new Artisans Wales membership application form, and the schedule for 2016 events will shortly be available. Existing WCC members will automatically receive all the new information. For new applicants, please … Read More

Getting ready to launch the new website

The new Artisans Wales website will be launching soon. If you are an Artisans Wales member and you haven’t sent your information to Wyn yet, please do so at the earliest opportunity otherwise you will miss having your business featured … Read More