Welcome – Croeso!

Artisans Wales has evolved as an organisation which seeks to enable Welsh based craftspeople and specialist food and drink producers, promote and market their businesses to a wider audience.
It has its origins in what used to be Wales Craft Council – Cyngor Crefft Cymru, which was set up in the late 1970’s to help professional craftspeople sustain their businesses.
Over the last forty years or so, the nature of those businesses has undergone a substantial change, and now “craft” encompasses small scale food and drink producers, as well as a variety of artisan, specialist makers.
Marketing and selling work is now a world away from the early days of craft fairs and trade shows, with most artisan producers maintaining an important web-based presence in the form of their own websites, as well as on social media and other internet selling platforms.
Members of Artisans Wales have their own page on the website, which enables them to promote their businesses with slideshow images, links to their websites and information about their work.
Artisans Wales continues to maintain an important presence at events and shows throughout Wales. Many of our members find face to face contact with customers an essential part of their business strategies, helping them sustain ongoing relationships with the buying public, as well as interacting socially with fellow producers.
We are the main craft, food and drink presence at the world renowned Llangollen International Eisteddfod, where our products are promoted and sold to visitors from across the globe. We also have an important profile at two of the Royal Welsh Show’s events, in our own building and marquee, where we are now known for quality Welsh made products.
Artisans Wales is run by members, for members, on a non profit making basis.
In this world of mass production and imported goods, we aim to give a voice to local makers who take great pride in their work, and who seek share that pride with customers who are looking to invest in something that’s just a little bit special.