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BODOLI a perfect name to describe the unique quality of our frames. It means exist in English.

The pieces that we make are made from pebbles and driftwood sourced locally. Each pebble is handpicked to reflect the personality of the individual frames that we are creating, which makes each piece completely unique.

The stamped lettering is instantly recognisable, each letter is hand stamped which makes it completely personalised.

Having found it difficult to find a modern personalised gift for our little ones – we came up with our own designs. We wanted something lovely to look at that would be a timeless piece of art.

We use local suppliers where possible, and source the highest quality we can find.

We find inspiration from the unique and magical landscapes, the culture and the language.

Our work creates a feeling of nostalgia and an identity to Wales.

Phone: 07967 103275

Email: post@bodoli.co.uk