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A collection of gifts depicting Deanne Hartwell-Jones’ sought after vibrant Welsh patchwork designs. Her daughter Lowri decided (with her permission!) to create this beautiful selection of products; including placemats, coasters, framed prints and more; to allow her designs to be made available to the public for the first time.

Deanne Hartwell-Jones has been designing and hand sewing patchwork quilts for over 40 years. Her need for a quilt for a newly acquired antique brass bed inspired a long journey into colours, hues, fabrics and last but not least, geometry. She doesn’t own a sewing machine as she prefers the fulfilment of classic and traditional hand piecing over papers. Deanne grew up, and now once again lives, in the Georgian seaside town of Aberaeron on the west coast of Wales. In addition to the wider Welsh landscape and heritage, this picturesque town has proven to be a continuous source of inspiration for her designs, many of which she has given a uniquely modern twist.

To date she has made over 55 pieces with the collection continuing to grow year on year. Although she won’t sell her original work, her patchwork has been exhibited around the UK and in several different countries worldwide including Spain and Germany. She regularly gives talks to local interest groups all over Britain detailing her inspiration and techniques. In addition she holds weekly teaching classes at her house for local ladies who want to learn the art of geometric patchwork design and sewing.

‘When I see my collection of work now I realise what has gone into them; dreams, joys, tragedies, fears and cat hairs have all been quilted and each one has a story to tell – even some of the fabrics bring back special memories. For me it continues to be a labour of love, as I turn the menial into meaningful.’
Deanne Hartwell-Jones

Whether at exhibitions, lectures, talks or classes, Deanne’s colourful patchwork designs have been admired by a great number of people with many enquiries made to her about the possibility of purchasing a sought after original. However, as these are too sentimental for her to part with, her daughter Lowri, decided (with her permission!) to create a collection of gifts depicting her original works so that for the first time her vibrant patchwork designs would be available to the public.

A Patch of Wales launched in December 2012 with the collection comprising various traditional geometric designs, striking landscape vistas and bespoke individuals. All designs are available on placemats, coasters, framed and mounted prints, greetings cards and more.

A Patch of Wales
Lowri Goss
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